Community Info

Even though Port St. Lucie is a young city, incorporated in 1961, it has commanded attention as one of Florida's fastest growing, and most promising cities. More than 150,000 residents make up Port St. Lucie. With its beaches, navigable waterways, and 113 square miles less than 50% build-out, the possibilities are endless. What began as a predominantly residential "bedroom community" is now undergoing a transition, becoming a dynamic and diverse city. With its low density and affordable land, Port St. Lucie is appealing to business owners looking to move to a centrally located area. The city is undertaking aggressive redevelopment efforts to improve the U.S. # 1 corridor with the intention of creating a new downtown business area for the community. Over the next several years a massive roadway improvement program will be implemented, including the construction of the Crosstown Parkway, making traveling the city easier and faster. The Professional Golf Association (PGA) also has a home in Port St. Lucie at PGA Village and has built a state of the art PGA Learning center, holding its winter tournaments here every year at one of its signature courses. Port St. Lucie continues to be a favorite destination for those relocating. Housing prices are an exceptional value, and construction continues to be successful. More homes mean more people, which attract the eye of famous name restaurants and retail stores, bringing more business to the area. Others buy homes in Port St. Lucie and because of its central and convenient location to other cities, live here and commute each day. Living in Port St. Lucie leaves very little to be desired with regard to recreation and sports. The beach is just a short drive away, and fishing, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and boating opportunities are plentiful, in numerous locations. Tennis, golf and other sports such as bowling, skating and skateboarding are available at many facilities and public parks. Ease of living, central location, affordable housing and land, plentiful sporting and recreational facilities, not to mention choices for higher education, and gorgeous natural resources are just some of the many things this lovely city has to offer. It's all just beginning for Port St. Lucie - a city that's constantly changing and growing in population and opportunity. Click k12 link below to find a school.  We are one of the top relocation destinations in the US, see video below for details.